2021 Absolute Football

2021 Absolute Football

Panini America introduced the new 2021 Absolute Football collectable card set. While continuing the legacy of the prodigious concept, the Panini Absolute Football of 2021 is sure to deliver amazement.

With 242 cards, the 2021 Panini Absolute Football hobby box features rookie footballers and pays a tribute to the veteran stars. NFL enthusiastic fans can get their hands on rookie players who will eventually taste the heights of fame and stardom. The 2021 Absolute Football by Panini has many familiar elements that connect it to the core brand. However, there are some new ones as well such as the Explosive card.

Inside the Box

Released on October 27, 2021, the Panini Absolute Football comes in 242 cards set size. There are 12 boxes in each case. In every case, there are 3 packs for the fans in beautiful packaging. 5 cards are present in each pack as well.

In the hobby box of Panini Absolute Football 2021, fans can expect to find one Rookie Premiere Material Autograph. Along with these are two additional Autographs, creating excitement for the NFL enthusiasts. You will also find two Memorabilia cards in it with one insert. To keep the 2021 Absolute Football thrilling, fans can get their hands on two Parallels as well.

If you are a true NFL fan then you will be thrilled to know that the Rookie cards feature major of your favorite players. The cards include Ja’Marr Chase, Zach Wilson, Najee Harris, Trey Lance, Justin Fields, Kadarious Toney, Tom Brady, Josh Allen, DK Metcalf, Charles Woodson, and others.

Base, Parallel, and Inserts in 2021 Absolute Football Hobby Box

Panini Absolute Football 2021 cards are evenly distributed featuring Rookies and Veterans. There are 100 currently playing Rookie footballers in the hobby box. Then there are 100 former NFL players part of the pack.

Each of the hobby boxes features two parallels on average. There are Spectrum-themed Parallels which include Blue (/50), Black (1/1) Red (/100), Gold (/10), Orange (/75), Green (/25), Purple (/5), and Printing Plates (1/1).

The Inserts in 2021 Absolute Parallels by Panini has a single in the set. However, there are choices available, depending upon the luck you get. Inserts include are Unsung Heroes, Introductions, Star Gazing, By Storm, and Red Zone.

To make the Inserts more fun for the NFL fans, Panini 2021 Absolute Football has Kaboom! card as well. The football enthusiasts can chase this Insert to add in their hobby-exclusive parallels.

Then there is another SSP (Super Short Print) option available as well. It is known as Explosive which is only in the hobby boxes. So, if you are getting a complete hobby box, you’ll surely get one Kaboom! and one Explosive card.

2021 Panini Absolute Football Autographs

Rookie Premiere Material Autographs is the hit for 2021 Absolute Football. They have different gears, swatches, and memorabilia pieces. Rookie Premier Jumbo Autographs are undoubtedly the exception.

The autographs have the signature of two teammates. The historic duals are also making a debut in this hobby box. The Parallels for these are Platinum (1/1), Gold (/10), and Holo Silver (/5).

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