2021 Topps Now Overtime Elite Basketball

2021 Topps Now Overtime Elite Basketball

Topps is finally back in the world of basketball! This news is enough to set a bright smile on the faces of NBA fans. However, there is a sad turn to this new as well. Topps collectable basketball cards are not under NBA license. Hence, no popular and household names.

Nevertheless, Topps is officially on the track to producing NBA collectable cards. After striking a deal with Overtime Elite, Topps is back featuring a new basketball league. The Topps Now Overtime Elite collectable cards feature teenage prospects from the world of basketball. This prospecting set of collectable cards is looking at the future of the NBA and encouraging them to take the leap of faith.

It’s important to note that the 2021 Topps Now Overtime Elite card hobby box kicks off with a beautiful series of Debut Cards. They are supporting a new basketball league to help teenagers become stars of tomorrow.

Who Are Overtime Elite?

Overtime Elite is a new transformative sports league. They are offering a life changing chance to talented young basketball players. The league has designed a way to create a pathway for young players, helping them in becoming professional athletes. Overtime Elite is creating an engaging community to inspire a new era of digitally native fans.

The sports league makes sure to provide a comprehensive accelerator for the elite players, reshaping their basketball career for betterment. With top notch training, coaching, world class technology and facilities, cutting-edge sports equipment, and a personalized academic program, Overtime Elite is committed to making difference.

Inside the Box of Topps Now Overtime Elite Cards

Topps is opting for a different and innovative way of marketing the Topps Overtime Elite Cards. They are releasing four cards each week on Topps official website. These cards remain available on the site for just one week. After a week, these cards are printed and shipped.

In addition to Topps print-to-order Overtime Elite cards, Topps has announced print runs for the future as well. With the passage of time and commitment with Overtime Elite by Topps, there would be more cards for the fans. Topps will create more physical cards for 2021 – 22 Topps Chrome Overtime Elite collectable cards. There would also be 2021 – 22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite series.

There are parallels numbered 49, 5, 25, 1, and 10 that are randomly inserted in the set. However, there is no bonus card at the moment.

It is speculated that when the whole hobby box would be released, the fans are going to get crazy for it. The box will include all the 24 inaugural Overtime Elite players in it along with some exciting bonus cards.

Topps has always been known for its ground-breaking and entertaining collectable cards series. Like always, this time they are featuring a new dynamic of the basketball world. They are capturing the inaugural series through the eyes of their trading cards. They are expanding their horizons and increasing their footprint with these cards. This not only increases their portfolio but also makes them the pioneer in showcasing the rising talent of the basketball world.

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