2021 Donruss Elite Football

2021 Donruss Elite Football

The 2021 Elite Football collectable cards are an exceptional hobby box by Donruss. The brand maintains its image of managing the exceptional reputation of the NFL with brilliance.

Elite Football card set of 2021 contains every element of tradition, from Rookies to Prospects, and of course the Veterans. Loaded with stars from the present era, past, and promoting the future glorious players, the 2021 Elite Football cards have it all.

Do you know Donruss Elite has been there for the past twenty years? What’s amazing is that Donruss however still manages to excite its fans without missing a beat. But can 2021 Elite Football impress everyone? Is it a hold or pass product? Let’s rip it open and evaluate every aspect in detail.

Inside the Box

The 2021 Elite Football set was released on July 16, 2021. There are 200 cards inside the hobby box. The NFL enthusiasts can find 12 cards per box, 20 cards per pack inside each box, and 5 cards per pack. There are 2 unique autographs in each hobby box of 2021 Elite Football. Fans can also get their hands on 1 relic, 11 inserts, 6 parallels, and 3 rookie cards.

What makes the 2021 Elite Football collectable cards more fun is that there are 100 base cards and 3 fresh new sets of rookie cards. The remaining 100 cards feature former NFL players who changed the face of the game with their exceptional game plan.

The hobby box consists of several well-known players that are favorites among the masses. Key Rookies featured in 2021 Elite Football cards are Zach Wilson, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Trevor Lawrence, Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott, Patrick Mahomes II, Javonte Williams, Kyle Pitts, Ja’Marr Chase, Aaron Rodgers, and others.

Base and Parallels in 2021 Elite Football Cards by Donruss

The 2021 Elite Football features the stars of today, icons of the past, and the upcoming NFL megastars. There are 100 base cards that feature top players highlighting them in their jersey. For the parallels, there is Razzle Dazzle SSP (Super Short Print) paying homage to brilliant football stars.

The base parallels are as follows: Purple (/99), Orange (/49), Red (/399), Teal (/25), Aspirations (/99 or less), Status Die-Cut (/24), Blue (/10), Aspirations Die-Cut (/24), Status (/99 or less), Black (1/1), and Razzle Dazzle SSP.

Rookie Image Variation cards are making their debut in the 2021 Elite Football collectable cards.

2021 Donruss Elite Football Inserts

You are going to find 11 inserts per hobby box. There are 2001 Elite throwback cards as well. Fans can also get their hands on Playmakers and Vivid Star Status cards. Due to the addition of such cards, the 2021 Elite Football inserts are more than 2020 Elite Football inserts. In 2020 there were only 8 inserts.

You will also get Rookie Elitist, Ascension, Elite Company, Rookie on Deck, and Elite Deck in the 2021 Elite Football.


Pen Pals and Pen Pals Dual autographs are the life of 2021 Elite Football. The memorabilia features Moxie Jersey as well. With Pen Pals, you can get on-card autographs and Pen Pals Dual offers signatures from pair of players.

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