2021 Panini Certified Football

2021 panini certified football

The 2021 Panini Certified Football returns with an exceptional set of collectable cards. The hobby box returns with some classic cards as well as new exciting inserts.

Get your hands on autographs by leading rookie players, brand new inserts, and swatches. All these cards come with the classic design of Certified Football, creating hype among NFL fans and enthusiasts.

The 2021 Panini Certified Football is delivering some unique base cards backed with multiple autographs and memorabilia per box. Along with the inserts, you can also find Mirror Parallels in each hobby box. Let’s get more specific and detail oriented and find what’s inside the 2021 Certified Football collectable card set.

Inside the Box

Released on August 2021, these fan favorite NFL cards by Panini comprises some exciting entries. The 2021 Certified Football comes in a set size of 200 collectable cards. You can find 16 boxes per case, and 10 packs per box. Don’t forget there are 5 cards per pack, making it an exciting hobby box from Panini.

From the 2021 Panini Certified Football collectable card set you can expect a Freshman Fabrics Signatures card. There are 2 Memorabilia Cards inside along with an additional autograph of a leading NFL player. You can get your hands on 10 all new inserts and 2 Rookie Parallels as well.

The key Rookies in the 2021 Certified Football set features many talented NFL players. The hobby box includes Kyle Pitts, Trevor Lawrence, Josh Allen, Michael Strahan, Aaron Jones, Patrick Mahomes II, Clyde Edwards Helaire, Derrick Henry, Najee Harris, and others.

Base, Inserts, and Mirror Parallels in 2021 Certified Football

The 2021 Certified Football set features 100 base cards along with multiple exciting Mirror editions. It’s vital to note the hobby box is divided into two sections where there are 100 Rookies and 100 Veterans.

There are 10 inserts per box with different new choices. Fans can find several SSP (Super Short Prints) in the box. Along with them, there are Certified Air cards, featuring a stamp design. Then there are Dark Horses, a new set of cards, highlighting the most promising award-winning NFL stars. Scoring Machines are going to be the fan favorites as it features the top scorers in the retro-designed card.

There are only two parallels per box combined with Mirror Parallels. These use Certified Football’s cornerstone Mirror Foil stock. There are Mirror (/299), Orange Mirror (/149), Gold Mirror (/25), Bronze Mirror (/249), Purple Mirror (/10), Blue Mirror (/75), Pink Mirror (/199), Green Mirror (/5), Red Mirror (/99), Teal Mirror (/50), and Black Mirror (1/1).

Memorabilia and Autograph Cards

The Freshman Fabrics Signatures return to the hobby box. Fans can find autographs from Rookie players pairing with the large swatches. For more exciting autographs, the 2021 Certified Football has Mirror Signatures among the 200-card set. Canton Certified Signatures makes a debut that features Hall of the Fame players only.

With the former similar die-cut design, Pieces of the Game along with Pieces of the Game Signature cards are back. They are offering different pieces of football such as jerseys and gloves of the players.

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