2021 Donruss Football Cards

2021 Donruss Football Cards
2021 Donruss Football Cards

With a total of 400 cards, the Donruss football cards are well known among the fans. For 2021, Panini decided to bring more excitement and level up the cards.

Being the flagship set for enthusiastic NFL fans, the 2021 Donruss football cards offer hits and unique sets. Chase the iconic cards to fulfil your NFL dream and get your hands on rare and exceptional Donruss football cards.

Inside the Box

Each box of the 2021 Donruss football cards collection includes one Autograph, one Memorabilia, 18 Rated Rookies, 12 Parallels, and 42 Inserts. Each hobby box, on average, has 10 cards a pack, 18 packs in each box, and 18 boxes per case.

The other highlights of 2021 Donruss football cards are:

  • There is a 400-card set that consists of a total of 250 base cards. There are 50 Base Photo variations, and 100 Rated Rookies as well.
  • You get a chance to get the iconic Rated Rookie cards of upcoming NFL stars. Such as Trey Lance, Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, and other superstars.
  • The Memorabilia cards comprise The Champ is Here, Power Formulas, Road to the Super Bowl, Fans of the Game, and more exciting ones.
  • Fans can easily hunt for sensational hobby exclusives, Rated Rookies premiums, short-printed inserts in the Marvels, and the Night Moves.

What’s Interesting?

Interestingly, the 2021 Donruss football cards have 250 base set cards. However, the box set is 400 cards. How is everything covering up? Let’s find out!

In a box, there are 250 base sets with an addition to 50 photo variation cards as well. This makes 300 cards. Then there are 100 Rated Rookie cards, making a total of 400 cards.

The Rated Rookie cards are the ones with exceptional value. The Base Photo variation cards hardly sell for $4. However, the top five quarterbacks on the rookies can collectively sell for nearly $100. This hypes the value of the Rated Rookie cards.

Donruss Football 2021 Parallel Cards

The base set covers the exceptional veterans of the NFL. The 50 Base Photo variations compliment the set, adding more excitement compared to previous cards. They generally have the same designs; however, the images are different and unique.

These images highlight the top 50 names in each set, paying homage to their NFL contribution. The photo variations display the star players without helmets, focusing their faces and action.

There are no subsets for the rookie cards. Instead, the Rated Rookie cards are what makes the Donruss football set interesting and unique.

2021 Donruss Football Inserts

A whopping number of inserts are available in the set. These 42 inserts comprise Elite Series, The Rookies, and Elite Series, Rookie.

The Champ is Here paying tribute to the winners of the Super Bowl. However, fans can find the champs from Power Formulas, Fans of the Game, Road to the Super Bowl, and Retro 2001.

The 2021 Donruss Football cards provide exclusive cards featuring Marvel, Rated Rookie Premium, and Night Moves. These cards are part of SSP (Super Short Prints).

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