2021-22 Onyx Vintage Basketball Cards

2021-22 Onyx Vintage Basketball

Are you interested in acquiring NBA and WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) cards? The 2021–22 Onyx Vintage Basketball collectable cards give a chance for it!

For years Onyx Authenticated focused on Baseball and brought those collectable cards only. However, in early 2021, Onyx presented its first football set. With its success, this years Onyx Vintage Basketball is debuting with rookies, prospects, professionals, phenoms, and former NBA and WNBA stars.

The new set features a variety of talent, including former, present, and to-be stars of the basketball world. So, what will you get in the 2021–22 Onyx Vintage set? Let’s dig in more to find out!

Inside the Box

2021–22 Onyx Vintage Basketball has a total of 66 cards. There are 24 boxes per hobby box, 2 on-card autographs, and 4 cards per box. Onyx Authenticated is well-known for its on-card content; therefore, they maintained the same reputation for Basketball as well. Instead of stickers, the autographs are done on the card.

All the vintage sets by Onyx have an original design. The 2021–22 Onyx Vintage Basketball also features the original foundational design giving true retro vibes. There are four versions of the collectable cards, including red, blue, black, and green color. Some of the cards feature inscriptions as well.

Collectors can find male and female NBA players in the set. This includes prospects as well as draft picks. Top men players include Hakeem Olajuwon, Khris Middleton, Cole Anthony, Dwayne Bacon, Dorian Finney-Smith, Edmond Sumner, Aj Lawson, and others. Female basketball players feature Candace Parker, Sue Bird, Breanna Stewart, Sabrina Ionescu, and other amazing sportswomen.

2021–22 Onyx Vintage Basketball Base Set

The 2021–22 Onyx Vintage Basketball hobby box features talented men and women basketball players. All of the players are pro at their sports, making a reputable name in the profession.

The base set of this hobby box has a hard-signed autograph parallel inserted. These parallels are further enhanced and modified with limited inscriptions and rare ink color. Every card features the full name of the player with clear and real pictures.

Autograph Inserts in the Hobby Box

There are autographed memorabilia redemption picks available in the 2021–22 Onyx Vintage Basketball collectable card set. In the debut basketball set by Onyx Authenticated, they set a gender equality bar for others to follow. Just like cards featuring NBA and WNBA players, the autographs also feature the same impartiality.

You guessed it right! There is an autograph in-card for Candace Parker and Sabrina Ionescu. Though initially, it was thought that the top picks included would be the 2021 NBA Draft. However, such speculations were rejected after the release of 2021–22 Onyx Vintage Basketball on October 20, 2021.

The Final Verdict

With the release of this years Onyx Basketball, Onyx Authenticated proved that they can do anything and everything. From Baseball to Football and Basketball, they proved their versatility and exceptionally designed collectable basketball cards.

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